Game Schedule for Saturday, September 20th.

Below is the game schedule for Saturday, September 13th..      See you on the fields.

FIELD B (U5):   9am - Brazil v Yahama           10am - Milan v United             11am - Barcelona v Celtic

FIELD C (U6):                                                   10am - Ireland v Spain           11am - Germany v Mexico

FIELD D (U7):   9am - Juventas v S. Africa      10am - America v Dortmund   11am - Chelsea v Celtic

FIELD 4 (U8/9):                                                 10am - Chelsea v United  11am - Arsenal v Barcelona

 Parents/Coaches:  If you have the first game of the day on fields B, C or D,  please obtain bow nets from the trailer and set up your field.  The last game of the day, please ensure the nets are returned to the trailer and the door is secured.   


Don Dopps

COSA Tiny Tots/Admin


Coaches/Parents: Midwest Sports Production will be on site to take pictures on Saturday, September 27th. Below is info as to when teams should be at the location where pictures were taken last spring (small grassy area near trailer and parking lot). Envelopes will be passed to coaches this Saturday.

8:30 tiny tots: Arrive by 8:15

9:00 games: Arrive by 8:30

9:30 tiny tots: Arrive by 9:15.

10:00 games: Arrive by 9:20.

10:30 tiny tots: Arrive by 10:15.

11:00 games: Arrive by 10:20.

Teams that have a bye on the 27th. should plan on being at the area for pictures around 9:00 or 10:00.

For the Sunday afternoon tiny tots, the 3:30 class should be at field 7 by 3pm for individual and group pictures. The 2:30 class will have their pictures taken after completion of their class (3:20 or so).

See you on the fields.


Welcome to the Central Ohio Soccer Association!

About Us

The Central Ohio Soccer Association (COSA) has proudly served Central Ohio and surrounding communities for over 30 years. We are a member of the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, as well as being affiliated with the US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer.

We achieve to provide the players with a fun and energetic environment allowing them to learn the basics of soccer. We have a beginners instructional program (i.e. Tiny Tots) for 3 and 4 year olds; as well as youth recreational leagues. In addition, if your child excels and you and the child desire more Advanced Training they can join our Club Program, through either COSA Team Ohio or Capital City Futebol Club.

We have two seasons each year, Spring and Fall. Spring season begins in April thru May, while the Fall season forms in August, with games starting in early September and ending in late October. Our fields are at Cooper Park located off Cooper Road, between Westerville Road and West Schrock Road in the north side of Columbus, which is supplied by Columbus Recreation & Parks.

COSA has supported youth soccer with various tournaments, including The Jarosi/Willis Memorial Cup, COSA Fall Classic, as well as a High School Tournament to support the growth of our local highschools; as well as looking to the future by planning to establish a spring tournament. COSA offers various camps, coaching and referee clinics throughout the year, and remains active in surrounding communities, in addition to Columbus and Westerville.

We look forward to you and your family joining our organization, so as to provide your children with a great environment to learn about the sport of soccer; and most importantly - Have Fun!

Recreational Soccer Opening Day: September 6th.
All the recreational fields and the tiny tot site at Cooper Park will be open for play this coming Saturday. The Under 5 will be on field B; Under 6 is field C; and Under 7 plays on field D. The Under 8/9 teams will be playing on field 4, a six v six field located about halfpway between the two parking lots. The fields for Capital City Futebol Club and Club Ohio remain open for those organizations fall season.

Thank you to all the coaches for not using the playing fields for practice.

Don Dopps
COSA Admin

Inclement Weather Policy
Games will only be canceled if the fields are deemed to be in poor condition or if there is thunder/lightning in the area. Please remember, we will play soccer in the rain.

Cancellations will be posted on our web site and a message will be emailed to all participants. Please make sure you check these before showing up to the games. All cancellations will be posted by 4:00 p.m. during the week, by 7:30 a.m. for Saturday games and 1p.m. for Sunday Games. Therefore, please show up to your game if a cancellation is not posted by these times.

Once on-site - officials will make a game time decision at the fields depending on the weather. In case of lightning, all participants will be asked to find shelter for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes, the official will determine if the game can be restarted or if it will be called due to lightning. The official will continue to monitor remaining games on a case by case basis. Therefore, please make sure you show up to play at your scheduled time. Thank you.