There will be no games on September 1 (Labor Day Weekend).

Games will be played at Highland Park which is located south of Walnut Street on Spring Street, at the same location as last spring.     If you have questions, please call 614 890-1207 after 7:30pm.


                                          FALL  2018  SOCCER  SCHEDULE

UNDER 5:       1-BARCELONA         2-CHELSEA           3-DORTMUND         4-MADRID

Game Times:              10am                       11am

08/25                              1v2                          3v4


UNDER 6:      1-AMERICA           2-ARGENTINA             3-BARCELONA

                       4-GERMANY          5-LIVERPOOL            6-PARIS

Game Times:            9am                           10am                      11am

08/25                          1v6                              2v5                          3v4


UNDER 7:     1-BRAZIL            2-ITALY              3-MEXICO

                       4-SPAIN              5-USA

Game Times:             10am                    11am

08/25                            4v3                        1v2             Team Spain has a BYE

Players are required to wear shin guards; and either tennis shoes or cleats.   Be sure to have water.

We are looking forward to a fun fall season, and observing the development of the youth players from age 4 thru age 8 in the COSA Recreational Soccer Program.   Have a safe season....


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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    About Us

    The Central Ohio Soccer Association (COSA) has proudly served Central Ohio and surrounding communities since the spring of 1979. We are a member of the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, as well as being affiliated with the US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer.

    We strive to provide players with a fun and energetic environment which allows them to learn the basics of soccer. We have a beginners instructional program (i.e. Tiny Tots) for 3 and 4 year olds; as well as youth recreational leagues for ages five through nine.

    There are two seasons each year, with spring season beginning in early April and ending around Memorial Day; and the Fall season will begin in August with play running into November.

    COSA has supported youth soccer with various tournaments in the past, but with the changes in travel/select soccer, it has been decided to no longer host a youth soccer tournament. The main objective remains the same; that being, the support of each child's growth in the sport of soccer while having a fun and safe environment to learn and develop her/his individual and team soccer skills. COSA is planning to hold clinics for 7, 8 and 9 year olds bi-weekly in June and July. As we near the end of the spring season, more info will be released as to dates and times for the clinics.

    We are looking forward to you and your family joining our organization, so as to provide your children with a great environment to learn about the sport of soccer; and most importantly - Have Fun!

    Inclement Weather Policy---

    Cancellations will be posted on our web site and a message emailed to all participants. Please make sure you check these before showing up to the games. All cancellations will be posted by 4:00 p.m. when possible during the week, by 7:30 a.m. for Saturday games and noon for Sunday Games.

    Once on-site - officials/referees will make a game time decision at the fields depending on the weather. In case of lightning, all participants will be sent to their coaches and parents so all can seek shelter. After 30 minutes from the last thunder or lightning, the referee/official will determine if the game can be restarted or if it will be called due to lightning. The official/referee will continue to monitor remaining games on a case by case basis. Therefore, please make sure you show up to play at your scheduled time. Thank you.