KidsSafe Paperwork Reminder

All COSA Coaches are required to register through the Ohio South Risk Management System, if not already. Please follow the link below.

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Coaches - Information You Need to Know

The links below are helpful to assist in your learning of the game and to educate your parents.

Youth Soccer in America - How Do We Measure Success?

Official FIFA Laws of the Game

Why Small-Sided Games?

Do you have questions about how to run your practices? Please click on the link below to secure age specific lessons plans that will allow you to be successful with your kids.

U.S. Soccer's Best Practices for Coaching Soccer and Lesson Plans

What do I need to run a practice?

In general, you can manage most of your practices in a 20 x 30 space. If possible, you will need to secure the following to make your training sessions successful.

  • 15 - 20 cones or disks (you can usually secure these pretty cheap at Play It Again Sports)
  • 8 scrimmage vests or bibs (two colors in sets of 4 preferred)
  • A watch so you can keep practices to 45 - 60 minutes. No longer.
  • A parent volunteer to help you keep the kids organized
  • A smile, A smile, and A smile. Have fun and help them learn the game.